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Privacy Policy

Spact UK Ltd - Privacy Policy

This policy is to show how our performers, productions and site users' data and privacy is managed, stored, collected, time kept, shared and used. Spact UK takes all privacy and data matters seriously. All data and privacy matters are managed differently depending on if you're a performer, production or general site visitor.


Data that we collect and why

General Site Use:

Our website uses wix and google analytics to track usage data to help us provide a better service to our users. We collect email addresses from anyone subscribing to our website. To have this removed simply email asking to unsubscribe to Spact UK. 

Joining Spact UK:

We collect Name, email address and contact number - for communication referencing work, updates and opportunities. 

NI number, Copy of Passport, where applicable visa details and a postal address - this is for us to check your right to work in the UK and as we have a legal responsibility to hold this for putting you forward to confirmed bookings. 

Next of kin details - Incase of emergencies.

Footage - We request photos, showreels and on occasion self tapes - This is for us to be able to present productions with a look book so they can select performers. 

Measurements and skills - this is for us to be able to match performers to productions needs and provide details for productions costume and make up departments.  

Bank details - this will be stored securely for us to be able to process payments to our performers for any work completed.

DBS - Many productions request this, however it is optional. We will keep a copy on our performers behalf to be able to send upon request to production. 


Third party usage - Spact UK will use software for security and management of the booking process including payments. You should familiarize yourself with our softwares privacy policy once chosen.


Who has access to your data?

Spact UK will share the following with productions so we can complete our business and book performers onto productions. 

Third Party software - Spact UK uses software to manage bookings and payments. These details will be shared and all performers should familiarize themselves with these companies. 

Spact UK’s accountant - Spact UK’s accountant will have access to be able to overlook the payment process and assist in completing payments. 

HMRC - By law we must hold certain data which can be shared with HMRC. 

Law Enforcement - If requested we will share data to comply with any legal and law enforcement issues. 


How long do we store data?

General Site User - All requests to remove data from general site users such as subscribers will be processed and completed within 30 days. 

Spact UK performers - If the artist leaves the agency and has not worked any jobs then we will only hold data up to 6 months. If you have completed work through Spact UK then we will hold data up to 3 years. We are expected to hold certain data for productions and for payroll. 


Social Media 

Spact UK will on occasion post through social media to promote events, auditions and artists on the agency. Permission for this is always requested through one of the following: email, waiver form or social media messaging. If you decide at any stage you no longer approve of the request please contact us via our social account @spactuk or email at and the related post shall be removed. 


Your rights

You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we have stored of you. 

If you would like to change your data you can do so by logging into your profile and making the essential edits or contact us

You have the right to request the removal of your data. To do this, send an email to with your full name and stating you wish your data to be removed. We will then remove your data within 30 days. You may also log into your profile and remove/edit your data. Please note we will keep certain records on file for legal reasons. 



As mentioned above, Spact UK uses wix/google analytics to track data for the usage of the website. This would include collecting the IP address of the device being used. Some parts of the website may use cookies for authentication. This is the only reason they would be used. We do not store any cookies and they are deleted once the use of the site has finished. Information stored for using the site is strictly only for analytical and statistics to help us offer a better user experience. 


By using our site you agree to this policy. 

By registering as a performer with Spact UK Ltd you agree to this policy. 

You give us consent to use the data provided to complete our business needs.

You may have your details withdrawn from our database by contacting us at and requesting so. 

Spact UK will not share or sell any of your data to any third party companies for marketing.

All data will be stored within and not transferred outside of the UK. 

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